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About us

For over forty years I have been involved in photography at some level or another, from playing with my parents Adox bellows 120 mm film camera to the Olympus OM 10 135 mm  film camera which provided me with good service for over 30 years. Nowadays I am a Nikon user, my choice between Nikon and Cannon was purely down to its weight and how it felt in the hand. 
During that period I have learnt a great deal about photography, mostly the hard way. I have also had the privileged of working in a Royal Air Force Photographic Section for 6 months, That in itself was an amazing experience, it is quite exhilarating sitting on the floor of a Puma helicopter with your feet out of the door 100 feet up taking photos.
Since the introduction of digital cameras I have gone mad taking shots of so much however often I still imagine I am using a film camera as this tends to make me compose my shot better. In the film days it cost to take a bad picture, now you press a button and its gone.
In the thousands of images I have I can honestly say i have less than 100 i like. My favorite was taken last A August  2016, it was of a couple of friends who had just married that day and were dancing their'first dance' . Technically it has a lot of flaws but what makes the image so special is the expression on both husband and wife's face. I t would be almost impossible to capture that natural and powerful look ever again. 
Although having  more qualifications in photography Julie is happier playing with her cards than taking pictures. We wil change this. 
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